04.07.2008 LPP 255 Class # 17

04.07.2008 LPP 255 Class # 17 - Contracts II Contracts II...

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Unformatted text preview: Contracts II Contracts II Genuineness of Assent Genuineness of Assent Mistakes Fraudulent Misrepresentation Undue Influence Duress – Threat of criminal prosecution Statute of Frauds Statute of Frauds Types of Contracts that fall under the Statute of Frauds: Land 1 Yr. Rule – Contracts that by their terms cannot be performed in one year Collateral Promises – Contracts to pay the debt of another – Person agreeing to pay is not liable unless in writing Pre­nups – Contracts in consideration of marriage Sale of Goods – UCC Third Party Rights Third Party Rights Assignment General Rule re: Assignment Exceptions to Assignment (4) Exceptions to Exception #4 Third Party Rights Third Party Rights Intended Beneficiary – Only third party intended beneficiary may sue Incidental Beneficiary Problems Problems All problems at end of Chapter 9! Make sure you have read all of Chapter 9 ! ...
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