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14 Pearson Interactive Computer Assignments (PICA) Assignment 10b: Manufacturing Overhead Variances Registered User Yang Xu Student Number 307198650 Variable manufacturing overhead costs incurred $176,100 Variable manufacturing overhead costs allocated at . .. $13 per std machine-hour allowed for actual output achieved Fixed manufacturing overhead costs incurred $426,000 Fixed manufacturing overhead costs budgeted $410,000 Dominator level in machine-hours 14,000 Standard machine hours allowed per unit of output 0.5 Units of output produced 41,800 Actual machine-hours used
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Unformatted text preview: 14,100 Ending work in process inventory AMOUNT FAV or UNFAV Variable manufacturing overhead efficiency variance $88,400 FAV Variable manufacturing overhead spending variance $7,200 FAV Fixed manufacturing overhead output level variance ** $202,071 FAV Fixed manufacturing overhead spending variance $(16,000) UNFAV These entries require use of the IF function. Your IF statements should result in FAV or UNFAV as appropriate for that variance. ** also known as a production volume or production level variance Help Me Assess Me FAQs...
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