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22 Pearson Interactive Computer Assignments (PICA) Assignment 4b Product Costs, Activity-Based Costing Systems Buttons don't work ? Point cursor here. Registered User Yang Xu Student Number 307198650 Indirect Manufacturing Cost Pool Allocation Base Allocation Rate 1. Materials handling Number of parts $1.55 per part 2. Assembly management Hours of assembly time $38.25 per assembly hour 3. Machine insertion of parts No. of machine inserted $0.75 per machine inserted part 4. Manual insertion of parts No. of manually inserted $2.50 per manually inserted part 5. Quality testing Hours of quality testing $44.00 per quality testing hour Product Characteristics of P41
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Unformatted text preview: Product Characteristics of P43 Direct material costs - P41 $330.08 Direct material costs - P63 $212.94 Number of parts - P41 62 Number of parts - P63 30 Hours of assembly time - P41 2.3 Hours of assembly time - P63 1.1 Number of machine inserted parts - P41 44 Number of machine inserted parts - P63 25 Number of manually inserted parts - P41 21 Number of manually inserted parts - P63 11 Hours of quality testing time - P41 0.8 Hours of quality testing time - P63 0.6 REQUIRED: What is the ABC manufacturing cost per unit ? P41 $638.00 P63 $377.72 Help Me Assess Me FAQs...
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