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1. Reflecting on the dynamics of your team, how did you negotiate and reconcile differences in your decision-making processes? Our team contains three local students and three international students, who were randomly allocated. The three international students are all Chinese, two from China and another one is from Hong Kong that is me. I enjoy the group activities such as the team quizzes and the discussions of case study both on the blackboard and in the lecture throughout the semester. This is because these activities gave us chances to express our own ideas with a group of people instead of doing a quiz or assignment by our own. Since these activities need us to discuss and make final decisions, sometimes conflicts arisen. When we were having different ideas in the team quizzes section, I did try to convince others to go for my own answer or idea. But I found that we had a serious problem during the discussion. Through the discussion, we always had different ideas but what we need was one single decision. In common situation after discussion, our team still had different answers or our decisions were not identical, and I suggested using a democratic method, which is voting. We chose voting since the first quiz we had in week 4, the situation was that, we sat there and argued, each of us wanted the final decision turn to our own idea because we all thought our own idea was correct. When the time was being tough and we still had two questions to go, I suggested to use voting for the
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remaining two questions and all members agreed. In voting, the minority should follow
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reflective_journal - 1 Reflecting on the dynamics of your...

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