Harry's Reflective Journal

Harry's Reflective Journal - Having completed all...

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Having completed all team-based study activities by today, I feel that it has been a great team working experience not only because of the introduction of the team debates in the class but also because of amazing cooperation among team members. Although there are some drawbacks existing in this experience, it is certainly worth of summarizing the conduction and evaluation of the team work for future references. Conduction of the team work In summary, the teamwork for each case could be divided into three stages. First of all, the preliminary stage, each group member was assigned to study the case individually and define their personal views about the case. Secondly, the online discussion stage, personal thoughts and comments were posted on the discussion board via the Blackboard facility. After exchanging of different arguments, a choice of the answer to the question was decided and the solution essay was roughly structured before the class. The last stage is the in-class finalization stage, during which all thoughts and references were collected and a writing answer was quickly finalized. In the decision-making process about a case study, it was common to have different opinions among group members. In general, there are two possible situations faced by me: a position of convincing others or a position of being convinced. In whichever situation, in order to reconcile the differences, I was first to understand the logics underlying all different points of view, second to compare strengths and weaknesses of alternative choices and last to discuss with other team members a relatively better
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Harry's Reflective Journal - Having completed all...

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