Essay on Team Cohesiveness

Essay on Team Cohesiveness - Team Cohesiveness...

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Team Player Inventory Daniel Kinko Rossi Rio Hugo Yang Team Cohesiveness Characteristics of Team Cohesiveness Team cohesiveness has been deemed one of the most important factors of team success as per B. Mullen,. C. Cooper, (1994) The Relation Between Group Cohesiveness and Performance – An Integration, Psychological Bulletin pg 210-227 . Team cohesiveness is related to social identity and is most potent when group members identify with each other. K.M. Sheldon,. B.A. Bettencourt (2002) Psychological need-satisfaction and subjective well-being within social groups, British Journal of Social Psychology, 41, pg25 – 38 identify that members tend towards higher cohesiveness if the team seems to achieve: 1. Individual Personal Goals 2. Fulfil Need for Affiliation/ Status 3. Provide Social Support in Need Influences of Team Cohesiveness N. Ellemers, R. Spears, B. Doosie, (2002) Self and Social Identity , Annual Review of Psychology, 53 , pp 161-186 identifies that team cohesiveness is largely affected by the fulfilment of the individual’s personal needs. In addition to this however, external influencing factors such as member similarity, team size, member interaction, difficult entry, team success and external competition and challenges also prove critical. 1. Member Similarity Homogenous teams tend to result in easier formation of cohesiveness and less conflict. The wide variety of group members induced a diverse range of different social and cultural backgrounds. Recent studies from K A, Jehn, G. B, Northcraft (1999) Why Differences make a difference: a field study of diversity, conflict and performance an workgroups”, Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol 44. pp 741 - 761 have shown that diverse groups tend to have high degrees of task-related and
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Essay on Team Cohesiveness - Team Cohesiveness...

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