Week 11 Implementing Change

Week 11 Implementing Change - Why is strategy...

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Why is strategy implementation important? Traditional view is that strategy implementation is relatively unimportant. It is regarded as - Only operational issue - Just the responsibility of middle management - Can be largely achieved through normal control processes in the firm Growing awareness that implementation was problematic. Reason: - Estimation shows that 70% of strategies fail at the implementation stage - Example of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Large computer based systems meant to have significant organisational benefits Overwhelming evidence that few organisations achieve anticipated benefits Mainly attributed to problems of implementation Other reasons to suggest that effective implementation likely to become more important E.g. D’Aveni “hyper-competition”(not that sure abt this one) markets becoming increasingly competitive and subject to disruptive change Shorter product and industry life cycles conditions undermine value of current resources and capabilities
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Week 11 Implementing Change - Why is strategy...

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