Assessable Reflective Journal Essays

Assessable Reflective Journal Essays - Part 1 Our team of 6...

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Part 1 Our team of 6 consist of individuals from relatively different backgrounds, race and cultures. However, everyone could converse fluently in English which was a major boost as effective communication is often the key to a successful team. This course demands a fair amount of teamwork and it was important that we were comfortable with each other and did not hold back on constructive criticisms. Our team in general did not have a dominant individual who orchestrated our tasks. Instead, our team worked in unison and contributed accordingly, at least in the beginning of the semester. Slight problems occurred when the team had time to know each other. A certain individual (A) became complacent and often did not contribute as much during the discussion. ‘A’ was often ‘missing in action’ whenever there was a group discussion and engaged in his own private conversations in other groups. On the contrary, certain individuals became over domineering and wanted to complete the tasks by themselves, disregarding the opinions of other group members. I would categorise myself as one of those individuals who did not fall to these two groups. Realising the need to assert my presence, I ensured that I did my readings and voiced out my opinions during our group discussions. A group member who knew ‘A’ personally then told him to contribute more and not venture to other groups. Realising his mistake, ‘A’ became much more involved in future discussions and his contributions were often invaluable. The second half of semester proved to be a stark improvement in terms of group
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Assessable Reflective Journal Essays - Part 1 Our team of 6...

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