Bio2 Lecture 2

Bio2 Lecture 2 - Bio2 Lecture 2 1/21/05 Animal Diversity...

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Bio2 Lecture 2 1/21/05 Animal Diversity (1/2) - When classifying we want to choose homologous characters - We try to stray away from analogous characters , convergent evolution, ex: wings of a butterfly, wings of a bat, wings of a bird. Do not have a common ancestor. - Monophyletic taxon – single evolutionary line. Includes an ancestor that has the characteristic and all of its descendants. - Polyphyletic taxon – Not desirable, one that is not a single evolutionary line, may not include ancestor, may be a branch off. - Most scientists recognize 6 main kingdoms o Eubacteria o Archaebacteria o Protista(algae) o Plantae o Protista(protozoa) o Animalia o Fungi - All simple eukaryotes that are not fungi, they are put into protista - Fungi is animal like because they are heterotrophic and eat by absorption o Mainly classified by means of locomotion Protists - Amoebas – just a blob, a bunch of projections, each projection is a pseudopodia. o Some have shells, called a test , a test is hard so is a shell o Use pseudopodia for food capture as well as locomotion - Forameniferans – Little hole bearers o Have a shell made of calcium carbonate CaCO3, shells are made up of chambers, each chamber has holes in it where the cytoplasm can extend out. o Use pseudopodia for food capture. - Actinopoda (radiolarians)– Have shells made of silica (glass), extensions of cytoplasm coming out of shell (looks kind of like the sun), these extensions are called axopods , used for floating as well as feeding. - Flagellates – (flagellum and cilia have same internal structure, they differ mostly in length) o Many different types, some free living in ponds o Trypanosoma (genus) – A couple species that cause African sleeping sickness, spread by teetsy fly. -
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Bio2 Lecture 2 - Bio2 Lecture 2 1/21/05 Animal Diversity...

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