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Bio2 Lecture 8 - Bio2 Lecture 8(Douglas...

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Bio2 Lecture 8 (Douglas) Endocrine system Protein Kinases - cyclic AMP activates protein kinases and then different proteins will be made Calcium Ions - calcium ions can also serve as messengers - Receptor takes in hormone, lets go of g-protein, calcium entry can occur in response to a G-protein stimulated event, calcium may bind to CaM(calmodulin) and activate a protein kinase that might go on to regulate other cellular events - The G-protein binds to a calcium ion channel and this causes it to open up - Another protein in cell calmodulin, and this just bonds to protein in cell which activates kinases - Hormone is just the on switch, and the hormone will never need to enter into cell - Without hormone the receptor and the g-protein are bound together, as soon as g- protein gets liberated it will have its interaction with the calcium ion channel - Steroids bind directly to DNA, hormone does this indirectly - protein products can act as second messengers Hormone Signal Amplification - hormone signals can be amplified - sometimes you may only have a few molecules of hormones binding to cells, but just a few hormones binding to cells will cause a lot of cAMP to be produced Hypathalamus - if you put a nail through roof of your mouth into the highest point, you will hit the pituitary gland, then go through stalk and hit the brain, first part of brain, at the floor of it is the hypothalamus - This is the most important piece of the endocrine system, it regulates everything either directly or indirectly Human Endocrine glands - in the brain o hypothalamus o pituitary gland o pineal gland – does not matter much for us, more for animals who need to hibernate and rely heavily on what season it is
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Bio2 Lecture 8 - Bio2 Lecture 8(Douglas...

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