Bio2 Lecture 9

Bio2 Lecture 9 - Bio2 Lecture 9 Douglas:Lecture Topics...

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Unformatted text preview: Bio2 Lecture 9 2/15/05 Douglas :Lecture Topics- Human male reproduction- Human female reproduction- Everything else isn’t covered The Male Reproductive System- Testis – primary sex organ, gene machine, we must get what is in here to what is in the opposite sex, located inside scrotum- The reason it just dangles on a piece of skin because it helps it maintain its temperature, sperm are produced 2-3 C cooler than what your usual body temp is- Epididymis, has 3 portions, head, body, tail o When sperm come out of testis goes into head, through body, then to the tail where the sperm is stored o Sperm that is first created in testis is not mature, as it goes from head finally to the tail, the sperm in tail are fertile o 3 functions 1. sperm transport 2. sperm maturation. 3. sperm storage- Then sperm move from tail to Vas deferens which is a tube, the sperm goes through a canal (inguinal canal, place where the blood vessels and muscles which pass through testis pass through) back into abdominal cavity, then area of pelvis which joins up with urethra(carries urine from bladder) out through the penis and finally outside of your body- As it joins the urethra sperm will pas through accessory sex glands o Bulbourethral gland – located near the bulbo muscle, increases secretions of fluid before you ejaculate and while you ejaculate, this is natural lubricant, and this is the first gland that secretes a fluid shortly after arousal o Seminal vesicle – shape of like antlers on mouse, adds to seminal fluid which is liquid fluid of ejaculation, also adds nutrients which sperm need as they swim to the egg o Prostate – most important for humans, when older this organ grows larger, and can potentially clog the urethra with constriction. It is in the shape of a donut and around the urethra. You can keep it healthy by eating lots of tomato products, and best way is by keeping the prostrate working by ejaculating- At the point where accessory glands have termination of ducts and where the mas deferens is about to reach the urethra, there is a wide area which is called the ejaculatory duct, which is a sperm storage site- Penis in humans is the known as a vascular muscular type of penis, contains an area as the spongy body, which is like caverns that fill with blood during in...
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Bio2 Lecture 9 - Bio2 Lecture 9 Douglas:Lecture Topics...

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