Bio2 Lecture 10

Bio2 Lecture 10 - Bio2 Lecture 10 Douglas Know Endocrine...

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Bio2 Lecture 10 Douglas Know Endocrine system - ABP – Androgen Binding Protein, acts like a magnet and makes sure testosterone is close to the sperm that are developing on the Sertoli cells - When testosterone levels are high GnRH and LH levels are low, and vice versa, this is called negative feedback - Perfect way to shut off testis is to give yourself a continual supply of GnRH Female Reproductive System - The female produces gametes and incubates the embryo - Produce oocytes - Before birth all the oocytes that you will ever produce will already be on ovary - On top of ovary is a tube called the oviduct, or fallopian tubes - Uterus much larger than ovary - Anatomy of a uterus was set to hold 1 offspring - In Dog or cats they have long horns in Uterus, and depending on how many young that species usually has - Cervix holds the uterus closed Production of the 2 degree Oocyte - When we are born all the oocytes that we will ever use are already there - Oocytes are housed in a follicle, sphere, single layer of cells. - Grasp idea that we have spherical follicles (fell asleep since beginning of lecture) Oviduct - primary follicles are small cells that either die or develop by getting large, and instead of having a single layer of cells like the follicles, now it has many layers becoming a secondary follicle
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Bio2 Lecture 10 - Bio2 Lecture 10 Douglas Know Endocrine...

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