Bio2 Lecture 19

Bio2 Lecture 19 - Bio2 Lecture 19 Ecompanion pw is birthday...

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Bio2 Lecture 19 3/31/05 Ecompanion pw is birthday with year first(4) Test 2 Immunity (Ch 43) pgs. 832 to 845 up to monoclonal Ab. HIV just know the few pts from lecture Allergic rx/ auto-immune disease pgs 852 – 853 Circulation (Ch 42) pgs 807 to 810 Pgs 813 to 882 Blood (Ch 43) pgs 810 to 813 Digestion (Ch 45) pgs 875 to 890 Excluding pg 876 animals are adapted…. Vitamin chart (do not memorize) pg 889 Antiox and phytoch pgs 888 to 890 Obesity (leptin) pgs 892 to 893 Mineral chart (do not mem) p890 Respiration (Ch. 44) - Very heavy connection with circulatory system - Vertebrates have next to birds, have the best or most efficient respiratory system, this is due to connection with respiratory and circulatory system - Gives a much greater surface area for oxygen to diffuse out into tissue - When diaphragm contracts we are inhaling, thoracic(thorax) cavity expanding - Respiration – the exchange of gases between an organism and its environment - Cellular respiration: o Fuel + O2 CO2 + energy o Fuel – carbohydrates and glucose, plus oxygen, energy is ATP - Organismic respiration: o O2 in: CO2 out - Mechanism will be concentration gradient, evolves around concentration gradient, if there is more concentration of oxygen on one area compared to other, then oxygen will go into less concentrated area, and vice versa - Atmosphere is 21% O2, CO2 is less Respiration: Simple Diffusion - Small aquatic organisms use simple diffusion, through their skin o Include: o Sponges o Hydras o Flatworms - Some others use this type but also have lungs and trachea - They have moisture on skin to make this more efficient, it increases absorption and diffusion, respiratory organs have to be moist - Do terrestrial or aquatic organisms have advantage? (which can take in more O2)
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- Respiratory medium (Air vs water) - Air: advantage o Molecular oxygen high in air o Diffusion higher because has more O2 in air
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Bio2 Lecture 19 - Bio2 Lecture 19 Ecompanion pw is birthday...

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