Bio2 test 2 Review

Bio2 test 2 Review - Bio2 Test 2 Review Capacitation and...

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Bio2 Test 2 Review 4/3/05 Capacitation and how does it happen? Involves a couple different factors, first is it making sluggishly in circles or fast, straight out of view under microscope. In-capacitated sperm have progressive motility, proceeds straight, secondly whether or not it can release the enzymes in the acrosome, which allows it to fertilize an egg. What prevents a sperm from using up all its energy reserve and boring through a male’s epididymis. What is the main cause of PMS in terms of hormone changes is the decline of progesterone, which has calming properties. Progesterone also inhibits GHRH but that doesn’t play a big role in personality Syngamy is fusion of pronuclei once fertilization has taken place, taking 2 haploid nuclei into 1 haploid nuclei. Organism evolved a need to prevent polyspermy. Immediate action that takes place when sperm binds to nuclei is de-polarization, which is fast block. Then there is slow block. De-polarization causes intracellular changes that provides a slow block or cortical reaction because depolarization causes cortical granules to go to membrane to release salts and enzymes then vitalic membrane to move away, and then it polarizes and that creates the permanent block. 2 things to remember for ________, location location location, this is for cell to cell communication. During development when mesoderm forms notochord, above it is ectoderm and that forms the neural plate, because notochord will communicate with cells around it. In cornea of eye, and lens and iris all start out relatively the same, but then
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Bio2 test 2 Review - Bio2 Test 2 Review Capacitation and...

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