7.1 - For the 3 point bending test E flex = L 3 m where m...

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For ceramics and other brittle materials a more convenient property than the T.S. is obtained by a 3 point bending test that gives the modulus of rupture (MOR) or flexural strength (F.S.) : MOR = 3FL 2bh 2 For polymers the flexural modulus or modulus of elasticity in bending is more convenient than the Young’s modulus.
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Unformatted text preview: For the 3 point bending test E flex = L 3 m where m is initial slope of load-deflection curve. 4bh 3 This is a informative property because it describes the combined effect of T and C. (It is not so important for metals to describe a combined effect because they behave the same in T or C)...
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