6.1 - E* will increase exponentially. Hence the rate of the...

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An increase in temperature will provide the energy needed for the reaction to occur. So of course the rate will increase. However, why will it increase exponentially? Consider the Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution: P e -(E* - Eave) / kT P is the probability of finding an atom with energy E*. As the temperature increases, the number of atoms that will have a given
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Unformatted text preview: E* will increase exponentially. Hence the rate of the process will increase exponentially. Now we can understand that in general, the rate of a reaction for any thermally activated process is given by the Arrhenius Rate Equation : Rate = C e q / kT = C e qNav / kNavT = C e Q/ RT (q is energy per atom, Q is energy per mole)...
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