02.09.09 Business Goals STUDENT

02.09.09 Business Goals STUDENT - All businesses have goals...

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Unformatted text preview: All businesses have goals that regularly change as the business matures. Goals and objectives are those things a business seeks to achieve through its existence and its operations. Goals are generally classified into three types: financial goals, social goals, together with the personal goals of the owners and managers. Financial goals these relate to such things as: o Return on money invested by the owners (profit maximisation) o Increased profits o Growth in production and sales of products o Growth in the share of the market o Growth in the size of the business / diversification Social goals the purpose of social goals is to benefit certain sections of the community as well as achieving their financial goals. These goals include: o Community service o Provision of employment o Social justice o Ethical conduct o Ecological sustainability Personal goals these goals are those that come from the individual owner. They include: o Job security o Self-esteem and status o Professional recognition o Power and influence BUSINESS GOALS Match the Business goal to the type of business goal (financial, social or personal)...
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02.09.09 Business Goals STUDENT - All businesses have goals...

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