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03.27.09 Business_environment_Coca_cola - Country Populatio...

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Friday, March 27, 2009 Business Environment Case study – Coca Cola Amatil. Economic cycles 1. In terms of social factors, describe your relationship with Coca Cola? Are you aware of this brand? How? 2. What has happened with Coca Cola Indonesia? How has outside factors affected this brand is doing business within Indonesia? Strong growth of the soft drinks market occurred in 1997. Sales revenue increased by 15% in 1996, with trade profit up 11%. Shares increased to more than 90% in all key market segments, a factor which reduced the impact of competitive pricing pressures Consumer Tastes 3. Summarise how this brand has adapted to its consumer market overtime. Introducing new products , to meet changing demands of consumers in many parts of the world Number of competitors 4. Summarise the table using statistics. What is a developing market? Cultural and product diversity 5. How does the Coca Cola Company operate on different countries?
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Unformatted text preview: Country Populatio n Growth rate Per capita consumptio n Employee s Plants South Korea 46 million-70 x 225 mL 4000 3 Indonesia 194 million 1.5% 11 x 225 mL 8500 10 Australia 18.5 million 1% 325 x 225 mL 3500 6 New Zealand 3.7 million 15% 297 x 225 mL 800 3 Fiji 0.8 million 1.6% 70 x 227 mL 200 1 PNG 4.5 million 2.2% 52 x 225 mL 620 2 Philippine s 71 million-143 x 225 mL 16 600 21 Marketing strategies, local and foreign competitors. Laws and regulations 6. Summarise the information under the relevant headings. Also list the regulation bodies that set out guidelines that Coca Cola must follow. • Subject to legislation covering the food industry • ANSFA (Australia and New Zealand Food Authority) • Is subject to national and state taxation legislation • Marketing and advertising activities are subject to provision of state fair trading legislation and the commonwealths trade practises...
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03.27.09 Business_environment_Coca_cola - Country Populatio...

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