04.07.09 Holiday Work - Topic 2 Key Business Functions....

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Topic 2 – Key Business Functions. Interdependence of Business Functions – Chapter 7page 142. Please summarise the information under the following headings - Copy out figures 7.2 (142) AND 7.3 (143) Identifying the Business Functions - Operations refers to the business processes that involve transformation or, more generally, ‘production’ - Employment Relations covers all aspects of employment resourcing and includes the acquiring developing, maintaining and motivating of staff in addition to those processes involved when staff leave the business - Marketing the total system of interacting activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute products to present and potential customers - Accounting and Finance this is the function that is concerned with recording and summarising financial transactions into a series of reports that can be easily interpreted. - Interdependence of Business functions means the key business functions work best when they overlap and employees work towards common goals. Each function read depends on the support of the others if it is to perform at capacity Business Functions and relationship to the value chain / value adding ( Give examples) Value chain refers to the process a product or service goes through and how the process affects the final cost and price of the product or service. Another name for the value chain is ‘value adding’: value x + y = final value (making products and services more valuable – As well as summarise the information, answer questions Exercise 7. 1 -
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04.07.09 Holiday Work - Topic 2 Key Business Functions....

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