Exam 1 review - Part I. Be prepared to answer definition,...

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Part I. Be prepared to answer definition, multiple choice, or true false questions about: techno-optimism, techno-pessimism, techno-realism, technology, techne, technological systems, revenge effects, well-being, hedonism, objective-list theory, perfectionism, intrinsic and instrumental value, abatement, adaptation, the various senses of responsibility, cost-benefit analysis, normative ethical theory, the Enlightenment and technocratic conceptions of progress (From Marx) . 5-10 questions. Some you must write out the definition. Techno-realism: in the middle of optimism and pessimism; some technologies are used correctly and can fix some problems while others may fail Various senses of responsibility: Jones is responsible for B (Jones caused B, Jones has a duty for B,). Part II. You will have to write three essays total, two of my choosing, one of your own choosing. Each is worth 10 points. There are 8 below. You should study and prepare answers to all of them. How you should answer these: a. First make sure you understand what information the question is asking you for. Misunderstanding this is probably the most common cause of error. b. Answer every part of the question. Most questions ask you to carry out two or more tasks. Make sure you know what they are and complete each. c. Give your answer as if to someone unfamiliar with the material we’ve studied. That is, assume that your reader doesn’t already know what you’re talking about. Explain any technical ideas and state every step of your reasoning. This is necessary in order to show that you understand the material (the point of the exam!), not that you understand
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Exam 1 review - Part I. Be prepared to answer definition,...

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