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Exam 3 Review Essays 1a) Totalitarianism is a centralized, dictatorial government requiring complete subservience to the state. Absolute control by the state or a governing branch of a highly centralized institution. “Everything within the state, nothing against the state, nothing outside the state” Mussolini. The totalitarian regime uses government (police) to impose ideology in the name of the cause. It is maintained by suppression. Any opposition to the regime is suppressed. Some examples of this are Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia. The government had complete control over anything that happened inside the state, both public and private. Totalitarianism usually arises when some social injustice (e.g. national security threat, economic inequality) is blamed on some social group (e.g. another nation, racial/ethnic minority, the wealthy) B. One mechanism of social control in Oceana is constant surveillance such as telescreens, which are two way monitors designed to watch citizens at all times so there is no privacy. This constant surveillance is used today by GPS in cell phones so people can see where you are at all times. You have your cell phone with you, which is usually all the time, and also wire tapping so people can hear your private conversations. C. The US Patriot Act was somewhat totalitarian in nature. The Act increased the ability of law enforcement agencies to search phone and email communication, medical, financial and other records. It was criticized for weakening protection of civil liberties. The use of technology was used to accomplish all of these things. People were forced to give up their privacy for the good of the state. 2a) -Newspeak is intended to narrow the range of thought by limited language and is also intended to control thought by the reduction of vocabulary, making opposition to the party inexpressible. -The Party's goal-to make their party sound like the best party available and make opposition to their party inexpressible B. -The Party’s goal for newspeak is a realistic goal because people are being delivered false news from the Party instead of the real news happening now -Newspeak cannot change the language between people but what is does is reword the language to favor the Party -Language and thought are very tightly connected and by changing one the other will then change. C. -Euphemism words such as downsizing and collateral damage -Downsizing=firing of employees and collateral damage= civilian causality dying. -Prevents rational thought and thinking for a person. A.) Newspeak is intended to control thought by reducing vocabulary and to make the opposition to the party inexpressible. The party's goal was to make what your party had to say sound like the best idea out there and not your opponent’s idea. Therefore, the public would agree with what you had to say rather than anyone else.
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B.) The Party’s goal for newspeak is a realistic goal because you are being delivered news from someone else and not from what you have seen. Therefore, making it easy for you to
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Exam 3 Review - Exam 3 Review Essays 1a Totalitarianism is...

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