Smartdie products offer the user a cost effective

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Unformatted text preview: factor applications. ROM/EPROM (bytes): *ROM = SystemSoft Standard BIOSB TEMPERATURE RANGES: C = Commercial (0 to 70 degrees C) E = Extended (-40 to 85 degrees C) A = Automotive (-40 to 125 degrees C). To receive more information on Intel's Automotive Products, call (800) 548-4725 and ask for document #272452-01, "The Winning Formula Automotive Brochure." M = Military (-55 to 125 degrees C) Intel 's Military and Special Products offer industrial-strength semiconductors optimized for wide temperature range and tough applications and environments. For a list of these products, call (800) 548-4725 and ask for document #271153 "Military and Special Products Portfolio." Speed (MHz):*= commercial temperature range only. Security: L1 = 1 Lock Bit L2 = 2 Lock Bits L3 = 3 Lock Bits P = Protection ** = NEW PRODUCT NOMENCLATURE: 83C51xx = Mask ROM 80C5x = Mask ROM 87C51xx,ROM = FPROM 87C5x,ROM = FPROM 87Cx51,ROM = Factory Program ROM Where available, order Factory Programmed ROM (FPROM)...
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