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Unformatted text preview: s intelligent interfacing between a Synchro or Resolver's output and a PC/104 Bus. The SB-3631X is packaged on a printed circuit board with a PC/104 bus interface. Features of the board include: Configurations with up to four RDC-19222 converters Software Programmable Resolution (10,12,14 or 16 bits) Software Programmable Bandwidth Jumper Programmable Reference Voltage Inputs Application software has the capability to display position for up to four channels. Included with each SB-3631X PC/104 Card is the DDC Toolbox library with example source code that allows users to easily write their own application software for the card. What is included in this manual? This manual contains a detailed installation guide for the SB-3631X PC/104 Card and a basic overview of the software supplied with the card. The library software provides a level of abstraction such that it is not necessary to understand the operation of the chip set. This manual provides an introduction to the library. System Requirements A PC/104 compatible system configured with the DOS operating system. Data Device Corporation 1 SB-3631X Manual HARDWARE INSTALLATION Jumper Configuration The SB-3631X card requires that the user program the base address by setting jumpers on the card. Before installing the SB-3631X card, review the following J5 Jumper Configurations to ensure you have the correct configuration. The Base Address of the SB-3631X is preset at the factory to HEX address 0330h (refer to Figure 1). The user may choose an address from 0000h to 0FF0h in 10 HEX increments. 26V (CH4) 115V 26V (CH3) 115V RDC-19222S RDC-19222S (CH2) 26V J4 115V J3 RDC-19222S 8 (CH1) 26V J5 1 115V RDC-19222S J6 J1/P1 J2/P2 MSB A15 LSB A0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 J5 edge of card) (viewed from 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 Binary 0 3 3 0 Hex Figure 1. Address (J5) Jumper Configuration Data Device Corporation 2 SB-3631X Manual HARDWARE INSTALLATION Card Installation The SB-3631X card is a PC/104 Target device and may be inserted into any PC/104 connector, or an existing PC/104 interface. When installing the card, the following should be observed: NEVER insert or remove the card with the power turned...
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