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Unformatted text preview: 31X Manual SOFTWARE Software Installation The software on the CD-ROM that is included in the zip file is a DOS application, with the C code and header file for the program. This software layer includes routines that dramatically reduce software development time by providing a high level interface to the PC/104 card. To install the executable file: 1) 2) 16-bit operating systems not supported Insert the CD-ROM. Select install for the SB-3631X software. Follow all on screen instructions. 3) Data Device Corporation 8 SB-3631X Manual SOFTWARE Console Application The Console Application is an easy to use application that enables engineers and maintenance personnel to test and maintain Synchro/Resolver systems. This program allows easy access to data analysis of Synchro/Resolver outputs. Some features include: Read Angle position data Change Bandwidth Change Resolution Change Read Modes Read and Write to Discrete Output The underlying source code for the Console Application is provided as an example program. 1) To access the console application run SB3631X.exe. Figure 5. 2) Console Application Screen Enter in 330 for the default Hex card I/O address and hit Enter. The following Console Application Menu will be displayed. Data Device Corporation 9 SB-3631X Manual SOFTWARE Figure 6. 3) 4) Console Application Menu Screen Type the code for the desired operation in the Enter Option: field (1 to read Angles ), and hit Enter. The test results for the selected operation will be displayed in the console application screen. (The following information is displayed for a read Angles operation. This example is for a card with four channels installed.) Figure 7. Console Application Test Results for Read Operation Data Device Corporation 10 SB-3631X Manual SOFTWARE (1) Read Angles To read the values stored within the SB-3631X registers, type in 1 (to read Angles) and then press Enter. The Analog display and all the digital displays will be updated. To continuously update the angle reading, turn the Continuous Read option ON by selecting option 4 (to change Read Mode) and selecting...
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