Sb 3631x jumper configuration data device corporation

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Unformatted text preview: iscrete outputs and 8 discrete inputs. Connector pin-outs are shown in Figure 11 and Table 8 in Appendix B of this manual. Register mapping is shown in Appendix D. Outputs are physically driven by the output of ULN2003 IC's (MC 1413 on ruggedized cards) generic Darlington open-collector driver. Output pins are referenced to the +12 V supply pin with a 33 V zener diode. The +12 V supply pin is only used as reference for this clamping diode. The +12 V supply pin can be connected to +5 V, or GND if no 12 V supply is available. The diode provides 33 V minimum over-voltage clamping for a 28 V system. I/O CHARACTERISTICS Max Output Voltage = 50 V Any single output can drive 500 mA at 25 C (output drive is de-rated at 16.7mW/C). When using multiple outputs, package dissipation must be limited to 2 Watts. For Register 4, a write to bits 0 - 7 controls the 8 output lines. Logic `1' written to the register turns on the appropriate Darlington. For Register 3 or 4, a read from bits 8 - 15 returns the logical values written to the output channels (not the state of the output pins). Input pins are directly connected to inputs of the ULN-2003 generic driver. Max Input voltage = 30 V Input impedance is 2.7 kohms with input turned on and 10 kohms with input approximately less than 1.3 V. Each Input stage consists of a 2.7k series resistor with bias resistors to ground. This can be viewed as a light pull-down on each input. For Register 4, a read to bits 0 - 7 returns the true logic state of the 8 input pins. A high on an input reads as a logic '1'. Data Device Corporation 6 SB-3631X Manual SOFTWARE Software Overview CONSOLE APPLICATION A DOS Console Application is included with the SB-3631X PC/104 card to demonstrate the capabilities of the card. Upon installation, there will also be source code examples of a program that can be compiled. If you did not receive the application software described on the following pages with your card, please contact DDC customer service. Data Device Corporation 7 SB-36...
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