The analog display and all the digital displays will

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Unformatted text preview: 0 (Continuous). Display parameters The following parameters from the four channels are displayed when the Read Angles option is selected (sample display data). Ch1=164.169 Ch2=319.230 Ch3=179.418 Ch4=212.470 BITE=0000 BANDWIDTH: [Ch1 0] [Ch2 0] [Ch3 0] [Ch4 0] RESOLUTION: [Ch1 16] [Ch2 16] [Ch3 16] [Ch4 16] Control Register 2 Status = 3333 Table 2. Display Line 1 2 3 4 5 Read Angles Display Parameters Parameter Angle for each channel. BITE status (0 = no error / 1 = error) See section below. Bandwidth for each channel. Resolution for each channel. 16 bits of the Control Register. The reasons a BITE fault may be indicated are as follows: 1. The synchro or resolver signals have fallen below the specified voltage amplitude or there are no analog input signals connected to the converter. Note: Both SIN and COS signals of the converter must fall below 0.5 Vrms, or else the BITE signal may only indicate a fault at certain angles. 2. The synchro or resolver is moving at a rate greater than the converter can accommodate. The dynamic capability of the converter is determined by the bandwidth selection and the resolution (refer to specification tables). The error exceeds approximately 100 LSB's. This condition will occur during a large step and reset after the converter settles out. 3. Note: Models SB-3631XCX-XX3/4/5/6 (with "S" type converters) have a Loss of Reference (L.O.R.) feature. For these models, the loss of reference or the lowering of the reference signal below approximately 2 Volt will result in a BITE. Data Device Corporation 11 SB-3631X Manual SOFTWARE (2) To Change Bandwidth The SB-3631X has a High Bandwidth and a Low Bandwidth mode. To change modes, type 2 (to change Bandwidth) and then press Enter. At the prompt enter a channel to change, from 1 to 4. Each channel may be programmed independently. At the prompt enter the new bandwidth. The values can be 0 (Low) or 1 (High). (3) To Change Resolution The SB-3631X allows several output resolutions (10, 12, 14 or 16 bits of resolution can be sele...
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