When installing the card the following should be

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Unformatted text preview: on. ALWAYS take proper precautions to guard against static damage. Use a wrist strap if available, or ensure proper static grounding by touching the power supply cover WITH POWER OFF. Mounting Card on a Flat Surface: To mount the SB-3631X PC/104 on a flat surface, use the #4 standoffs, washers, and screws and place them in the four holes on the SB-3631X PC/104 card. Fasten the card securely to the mounting surface. Connecting the Card to a PC/104 interface: The SB-3631X can be connected to an existing PC/104 system. Use the #4 standoffs, washers, and screws and place them in the four holes on the SB-3631X PC/104 card, with the male end of the standoff facing down. Align the PC/104 pins with the connectors below, and the standoffs with the mounting holes below, then firmly press the cards together. Secure the cards together with the cap nuts. Figure 2 shows a block diagram for the Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital PC/104 Card. Data Device Corporation 3 SB-3631X Manual HARDWARE INSTALLATION Figure 2. SB-3631X PC/104 Card Block Diagram Data Device Corporation 4 SB-3631X Manual HARDWARE INSTALLATION Reference Configuration The SB-3631X has resistors that attenuate the reference to a level that is acceptable for the RDC-19222S converter. Each channel reference can be set independently. For a 2 Vrms to 28 Vrms reference the jumpers should be set for a 26 V nominal reference. For a 10 Vrms to 130 Vrms reference the jumpers should be set for a 115 V nominal reference. Refer to Table 1, Figure 3 and Figure 4 to set the jumpers. Table 1. Reference Jumper Configuration Installed Jumpers 26 Vrms 115 Vrms Reference 2 Vrms to 28 Vrms 10 Vrms to 130 Vrms 26 V 115 V Viewing card with J1/P1, J2/P2 pointing down. NOTE: Reference jumpers must be set for Channels 1 through 4. Figure 3. Reference Configuration 26V (CH4) 115V 26V (CH3) 115V RDC-19222S RDC-19222S (CH2) 26V J4 115V J3 RDC-19222S J5 (CH1) 26V 115V RDC-19222S J6 J1/P1 J2/P2 Figure 4. SB-3631X Jumper Configuration Data Device Corporation 5 SB-3631X Manual HARDWARE INSTALLATION Discrete I/O The SB-36310CX family of cards have 8 d...
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