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Unformatted text preview: Bio 115 Study Guide Biochemistry review: Genetics review: mitosis types of chemical bonds meiosis enzymes and catalysis mutations DNA structure natural selection protein structure Reminder of lecture topics 1. Eukaryotic gene expression 2. Methods in molecular biology 3. Genome structure 4. Transcription 5. RNA polymerase II 6. RNA pol I & III Concepts to ponder: Differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes gene density size of genome regulation of gene expression conservation of gene sequences between species What is a eukaryotic gene? draw out ALL the parts of a eukaryotic gene label them and know what they do Where do new genes come from? gene duplication gene evolution gene families Chromosomes features of linear chromosomes genetic assay for finding the yeast centromere Transcription how many RNA pols? what do they transcribe? what subunits comprise them? which ones are shared? pol II assembly (Fig. 1215 of text) o formation of preinitiation complex o promoter escape o elongation o termination o slide 97 summarizes the structural details pol I and pol III transcription o similarities, differences with pol II txn o make your own table like the one in slide 155 24 Jan 2009 ...
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