The Electric Field inside a Conductor

The Electric Field inside a Conductor - Part A What is the...

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Part A What is the force felt by the electrons and the nuclei in the rod when the external field described in the problem introduction is applied? (Ignore internal fields in the rod for the moment.) The nuclei experience a force to the right and the electrons experience a force to the left. Correct Part B What is the motion of the negative electrons and positive atomic nuclei caused by the external field? The electrons move to the left and the nuclei are almost stationary. Correct The nuclei of the atoms of a conducting solid remain almost in their places in the crystal lattice, while the electrons relatively move a lot. In an insulator, the electrons are constrained to stay with their atoms (or molecules), and at most, the charge distribution is displaced slightly. The motion of the electrons due to the external electric field constitutes an electric current. Since the negatively charged electrons are moving to the left, the current, which is defined as the "flow" of positive charge, moves to the right. Part C Imagine that the rightward current flows in the rod for a short time. As a result, what will the net charge on the right and left ends of the rod become? left end negative and right end positive Correct Given that the positively charged nuclei do not move, why does the right end of the rod become positively charged? The reason is that some electrons have moved to the left end, leaving an excess of stationary nuclei at the right end. Part D The charge imbalance that results from this movement of charge will generate an additional electric field near the rod. In what direction will this field point? It will point to the left and oppose the initial applied field.Correct
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The Electric Field inside a Conductor - Part A What is the...

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