091-PGS101-Syllabus-to post

091-PGS101-Syllabus-to post - INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY...

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INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY SYLLABUS PGS 101 Spring 2009 Heather Cate, Course Instructor Office: PSYN 305 (heather.cate@asu.edu) Teaching Assistant: Steve Holloway ( steven.holloway@asu.edu ) office hours by appointment REQUIRED TEXT: PSYCHOLOGY by David G. Myers, 8th ed GRADES: 4 tests will be given. Each test is worth 25% of the final grade ABSOLUTELY NO MAKE UP EXAMS Do not be late for tests. If anyone has completed and left a test, latecomers will not be allowed to take the test, so PLEASE SHOW UP ON TIME. BRING PHOTO ID and #2 pencil with eraser (perhaps extras, too). Tests will be multiple choice designed like sample questions in the study guide (available on-line at worthpublishers.com/myers ). Questions on tests will be from the text, lectures and class discussions. NO CELL PHONES and NO HATS/ CAPS are allowed during tests. If a cell phone rings, you will be asked to leave, and your test will be considered complete. If you appear to be looking at another student’s exam, you will also be
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This note was uploaded on 08/12/2009 for the course PGS 101 taught by Professor Blan during the Spring '08 term at ASU.

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091-PGS101-Syllabus-to post - INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY...

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