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BIOL 125 (Microbiology) Study Guide Chapter 1: Main Themes of Microbiology 1. Important definitions, terms and phrases: Eukaryote, prokaryote, virus, sterility, taxonomy, archaea, bacteria, eukarya, domain, kingdom, genus, species, scientific method, hypothesis, bioremediation, infectious disease, emerging infectious disease, biotechnology, biogenesis, abiogenesis, deduction method, aseptic technique, pathogen, classification, nomenclature, theory, law, parasite, free living, microscope, protozoa, algae, fungi, helminthes, binomial nomenclature, normal microbiota 2. Characteristics of microorganisms 3. Describe to contribution of the following to science and microbiology: Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Holmes, Semmelweis, Lister, Tundall, Cohn, Pasteur, Koch, Carl von Linne. 4. Difference between "Spontaneous Generation" and biogenesis theories and the experimental evidence. 5. Define the following: aseptic techniques, pasteurization, germ theory, sterilization
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Define and give an example of the binomial naming (two name) system. 7. List in order the higher taxons used in classification (domain, kingdom, phylum, genus, species) 8. List the 3 domains and how they differ. 9. Explain uses and effects of microbes for man. ( benefits, harm) 10. Define: fermentation, pasteurization 11. Define and their terms and their contributions to modern science: genetic engineering, biotechnology and recombinant DNA technology, bioremediation with examples 12. Define new emerging disease (EID) and give a few examples. 13. Branches of microbiology: bacteriology, mycology, protozoology, virology, parasitology, biotechnology, genetic engineering and recombinant DNA technology File: 219d9181507a680bee85190c78e87899a900a0f3.doc Updated 8/14/09...
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