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Study guide Note: The below given guide is to help you focus on the topics that you need to be thorough. Be aware that it cannot be used solely for the exam preparation. It cannot replace lecture notes, and text book. CHAPTER 3 o Important terms and phrases inoculation, isolation, incubation, inspection, identification, culture, streak plate, pour plate or loop dilution, spread plate, colony, media, broth, solid, semisolid, agar, chemically defined media, complex media, enriched media, general purpose media, selective media, differential media, reducing media, living media, pure culture, mixed culture, contaminated culture, aseptic technique, disposal, light, refraction, specimen, image, magnification, resolving power, numerical aperture, smear, wet mount, permanent mount, stains, positive and negative staining o Why is it difficult to study microorganism and how we worked around to study them o Five “I”s used to study microorganisms o Difference among different media in composition and purpose
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