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BIOL125_Ch6 Study Guide - Note The below given guide is to...

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Unformatted text preview: Note: The below given guide is to help you focus on the topics that you need to be thorough. Be aware that it cannot be used solely for the exam preparation. It cannot replace lecture notes, and text book. CHAPTER 6 o Contributions of scientists : Ivanovski, Beijerinck, Loeffler and Frosch o Explain what obligatory intracellular parasites refers to with respect to viruses. o Describe the host range of viruses. o Compare the properties of viruses with bacteria. o Describe the structure of viruses and include the following: nucleic acid, capsid,envelope, capsomeres, spikes, nucleocapsid, o Role of following enzymes: DNA polymerase, RNA polymerase, RNA replicase, reverse transcriptase o Negative and positive sense strand RNA o Criteria used in the classification of viruses, How to identify family, genus and species o Recognize the following viral architectures: helical ,icosahedron complex enveloped,...
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