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BIOL125_Ch13 Study Guide

BIOL125_Ch13 Study Guide - Note The below given guide is to...

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Note: The below given guide is to help you focus on the topics that you need to be thorough. Be aware that it cannot be used solely for the exam preparation. It cannot replace lecture notes, and text book on the topics discussed in the class.. Chapter 13 o Koch hypothesis o Resident flora, transient flora, colozination, infection, infectious disease, true  pathogen,opportunistic pathogen virulence, o List portals of entry, and a agent of disease for each. o List several common portals of entry. Note what preferred portal of entry indicates. o Infectious dose: importance o Distinguish between pathogenicity and virulence. o Factors contributing to virulence: adherence o Describe what is meant by invasiveness, and the mechanisms and factors that affect  invasiveness. (capsules, cell wall, enzymes, antigenic variation, host cell penetration) o
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