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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 16: Disorders in Immunity 1. Immunopathology: Overactivity: Allergy/ hypersensitivity, Autoimmunity, Under activity: immune deficiency, cancer , cells involved in each of the type of activity( T cells, B cell etc), processes involved in immunopathology (Humoral and cell mediated immunity, phagocytosis, inflammation,complement fixation etc ) 2. Types of antigen involved in each of the hypersensitivity and Autoimmunity reactions, types of antibodies produced each of the reactions. 3. Allergy: antigen, immunogen, atopy, anaphylaxis, allergen, exogenous and endogenous antigen, 4. 5. 6. 7. Immune deficiency: causes (Types of cell defects and organs deficiencies, enzyme deficiency ) 8. and types: primary (SCID, Bubble boy syndrome, Digeroge disease, agammaglobulinemia), and secondary(AIDS and cancer) defining allergnes based on their portal entry with examples, Steps involved in Allergy reaction: sensitization dose and provocation dose, Diagnosis of allergy and treatment of allergy Blood grouping based on ABO and Rh antigens: role of antigens in blood transfusions, hemolytic disease of the new born. Treatment Serum sickness and Arthus reaction, T cell mediated hypersensitivity reactions (TB test, host vs graft reaction, types of grafts: Autografts, allografts, isografts, xenografts), Contact dermatitis, etc) Autoimmune diseases: causes, and types : RA, SLE, Diabetes, Graves disease, Hashomoto's thyroiditis myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis) 9. AIDS: HIV virus classification, Virus life cycle ( latent infection and lytic cycle), the cells it attacks Thelper cell and other cells such as macrophages, , signs and symptoms of the disease, diagnosis and treatment, Mode of transmission, prevention, Statistics etc 10. Role of immune system in the development of cancer, Cells that play key role in detecting tumor cells, Types of tumors( benigh and malignant), causes of cancer. ...
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