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BIOL125_Ch17 Study Guide

BIOL125_Ch17 Study Guide - o RNA sequences o AT or GC...

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Note: The below given guide is to help you focus on the topics that you need to be thorough. Be aware that it cannot be used solely for the exam preparation. It cannot replace lecture notes, and text book on the topics discussed in the class.. Chapter 17 : Diagnosis Diagnostic immunology: collecting specimen: Using phenotype : direct testing of the specimen o Microscopic o Macroscopic o Biochemical o Chemical makeup o Kits use Using genotype: direct testing of the specimen o DNA analysis using PCR and sequencing
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Unformatted text preview: o RNA sequences o AT or GC content similarities • Immunological techniques: includes direct and indirect testing of the specimen o Taking the advantage of antigen –antibody specificity o Serology o Understand the concept behind each test with examples o Difference between direct and indirect tests o Agglutination o Precipitation o Neutralization o Complement fixation o Western blot o Flurescent antibody technique (direct and indirect) o ELISA ( direct and indirect)...
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