BIOL125_Practicum 1 Review

BIOL125_Practicum 1 Review - BIOL 125 (Microbiology) Lab...

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BIOL 125 (Microbiology) Lab Practicum 1 Review Part I: (Tuesday): It carries 50% of the total lab practicum I grade. Closed book. One hour duration. Questions require 1-2 sentence answers and simple calculations. Single word answers are not acceptable. Part II: (Thursday): It carries 50% of the total lab practicum I grade. Each student will sign up for a 30 minute slot starting from 12 noon to 4.30 p.m. Demonstration: Each student will be given 30 minutes to conduct the below techniques and will be evaluated as they are conducting the technique. Each student will be asked to demonstrate: Aseptic transfer technique. Aseptic use of a serological pipet. Streak plate technique. Staining techniques, the results and interpretation. Learn Gram stain and Acid fast staining technique procedure by memory, though you may be asked to perform only one of the two staining techniques. Microscope usage technique. 1. Go through each experiment and understand the following aspects of each experiment: a. Purpose of the experiment b. Materials used and method applied in the experiment c. Results and its interpretation d. Conclusions drawn from each experiment e. Pre-lab and post-lab questions 2. Lab safety: self explanatory : List and explain the purpose of each rule 3. Ubiquity: media, broth, solid media, what to label, where to stick the label 4. Colony characteristics: self explanatory 5. Microscope: parts of microscope, magnification, resolution, par focal, field of view, depth of view, contrast, working distance 6. Aseptic transfer: stock, pure culture, aseptic, sterile, slant, flaming, inoculate 7. Streak plate: self explanatory 8. Smear and simple stain: simple stain, smear, air dry ,heat fix, bulbous paper, oil File: e2cab8f2fea9fba7a4ada03bbd97c084f3753180.doc Updated 8/14/09
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Lab Practicum 1 Review Page 2 9. Gram Stain
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BIOL125_Practicum 1 Review - BIOL 125 (Microbiology) Lab...

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