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BI13_Ch4 PP Outline - 1 2 Tissue The Living Fabric Chapter...

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1 Tissue: The Living Fabric Chapter 4 2 Goals Be able to defne a what a tissue is Know the ±our basic types and their ±unction Know the structure and ±unction o± the various types o± epithelial tissue Know the structure and ±unction o± the various types o± connective tissue Describe 3 types o± body membranes Where are they located? What tissues are they made o±? 3 What is a Tissue? Tissues are groups o± similar cells that have a common ±unction 4 Basic Types Epithelial Covers sur±aces Connective tissue Supports and protects Muscle Allows movement Nervous tissue Controls everything 4 Epithelial Tissue Characteristics Classifcation Types Glandular Epithelia 5 Epithelial Tissue Does More Than Just Cover Protection Skin Absorption Respiratory Digestive Filtration Kidneys Secretion Glands 6 Epithelial Cells Are Polar Have two very di f erent sur±aces Apical Upper sur±ace exposed to the body exterior or internal cavity Basal Lower attached sur±ace 7 Apical Sur±ace Structures
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Microvilli Finger-like extensions that increase surface area Intestines or Kidneys Cilia Small “hairs” that move substances along surface Trachea 8 Basal Surface Structures Basil lamina/ basement membrane Thin supporting sheet of protein Separates from connective tissue below Filters material di f using in from connective tissue 9 Epithelial Cells Make Special Contacts Fit tightly together Tight junctions, and gap junctions Form impenetrable barrier Keeps apical membrane proteins from di f using to basal side Have six sides Aids in tight packing 10 Epithelial Tissue Has Nerves but Not Blood Vessels Innervated: nerve ±bers are present Allows tissue to sense stimuli Avascular: contain no blood vessels Food and oxygen di f use through basement membrane from blood vessels in connective tissue 11 Epithelial Tissue Can Regenerate Covering surfaces is dangerous
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BI13_Ch4 PP Outline - 1 2 Tissue The Living Fabric Chapter...

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