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BI13_Ch6 Review - BI 13(Anatomy Physiology 1 Review Chapter...

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BI 13 (Anatomy & Physiology 1) Review Chapter 6: Bones and Skeletal Tissue INSTRUCTOR’S STUDY GUIDE 1. What are some of the general functions of bones? Protection; movement; support; mineral and growth factor storage; and blood cell formation. 2. You will need to know how to classify bones based on shape. Long Bones – all limbs bones, except patella, wrist and ankle bones. Short Bones – cube-shaped; includes wrist and ankle bones. Flat Bones – thin, flatten, usually curved; includes sternum, scapulae, ribs, and most skill bones. Irregular Bones – does not fit into other categories; includes vertebrae and hip bones. 3. Know the gross anatomy of a long bone. 4. What marks the border between the diaphysis and an epiphysis? Epiphyseal line, a remnant of the epiphyseal plate, a disc of hyaline cartilage that grows during childhood to lengthen the bone.. 5. I may use a picture of a long bone on your exam. File: bb24a8f82494456172ec3583cdde5d47466781c6.doc Updated 8/14/09
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Review Chapter 6 Page 2 6. What are the membranes that cover bone surfaces and contain osteoclasts and osteoblasts? Periosteum – outer double-layered membrane covering the bone. The inner membrane is the osteogenic layer, consisting primarily of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. The outer membrane is the fibrous layer , which is made of dense irregular connective tissue. Endosteum – inner bone covering made of connective tissue membrane containing both osteoblasts and osteoclasts. 7. What is the difference between yellow and red bone marrow? Yellow Bone Marrow – located in the medullary cavity and contains fat.
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