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BI13_Ch13 PP Outline - 1 2 The Peripheral Nervous System...

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1 The Peripheral Nervous System Chapter 13 2 Topics Functions of the peripheral nervous system General structure of nerves Cranial nerves Spinal nerves Sensory Receptors 3 Overview of the PNS Function of the PNS Link the CNS to the rest of the body and the outside world Bidirectional 4 Sensory vs. Motor Nerves Both are found in the PNS nerves Sometimes separate Usually mixed Sensory nerves are a f erent Carry information to the CNS Motor nerves are e f erent Carry information to either autonomic or somatic systems 5 General Anatomy of Nerves Like muscles nerves are made of ±bers bundled together with connective tissue Fibers = long axons Nerves also contain blood vessels 6 Structure of a Nerve A fascicle is a bundle of axons One nerve is made of many fascicles Connective tissue layers Endoneurium Surrounds each axon Perineurium Surrounds each fascicle Epineureum Surrounds whole nerve 7 Types of Nerves A f erent nerves Carry sensory information only E f erent nerves Carry motor information only Can be somatic and/or autonomic Mixed nerves Carry both motor and sensory information Most nerves are mixed
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8 Origins of Nerves Cranial nerves Arise from the brain Spinal nerves Arise from the spinal chord 9 Practice Test Questions True or false? Most nerves specialize in being either a f erent or e f erent. Which layer of connective tissue binds many fascicles of axons into one nerve? A. Endoneurium B. Perineurium C. Epineureum D. Schwann cell 10 The Twelve Cranial Nerves Overview The 12 Nerves 11 Overview Twelve pairs of nerves that originate in the brain Two pairs from the forebrain 10 pairs from the brain stem Innervate only the head and neck 12 The Twelve Cranial Nerves Overview The 12 Nerves 13 Olfactory (I) Carry smell information to primary olfactory cortex A f erent only nerve Path: Sensory end is in epithelium of nasal cavity Run through the cribriform plate of ethmoid bone Breaking ethmoid bone can result in loss of smell Synapse in olfactory bulb 14 Optic (II)
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BI13_Ch13 PP Outline - 1 2 The Peripheral Nervous System...

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