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1 Special Senses Chapter 15 2 There are Four Special Senses 3 Topics Sense of Vision How eyes detect light How eyes focus Vision disorders Sense of Taste Structure and function of taste buds Taste disorders A taste of research 4 Vision Photoreceptors Focusing Disorders 5 The Retina Thin layer of nervous tissue Contains 250 million photoreceptors for detecting light Rods Cones 6 Rods Function Black and white vision in dim light Shape Photoreceptors with a long, rod-shaped portion of the cell Location Periphery of eye 7 Rods Sensitivity Very sensitive Capture blurry images Pigment Rhodopsin Detects green light best 8 Cones Function Color vision under bright conditions Shape Cone-shaped cells Location Center of the eye
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Fovea centralis 9 Cones Sensitivity Not very sensitive Require bright light to be active Photopigments: various opsins Red Blue Green 10 Photoreceptor Activation Photopigments are made or two molecules Retinal Sensitive to light Changes shape Made from Vitamin A Opsin Determines what wavelength of light is absorbed 11 Vision Photoreceptors Focusing Disorders 12 Distant Vision Focus on far objects Ciliary muscles Contract to ±atten lens
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BI13_Ch15 PP Outline - 1 2 3 Special Senses Chapter 15...

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