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LD28 Handout_CHP215


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Unformatted text preview: CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL NOTICE TO APPEAR CHP 215 REV 09/01 Date of Violation D MISDEMEANOR El Traffic Ei Time El AM D PM 70132 SU Day of the Week El CH? 2158 S M T W T F S E Accident El Owner‘s Responsibility (§40001 VC) Name (First, Middle, Last) Address City State Driver Lic. No. El COMMERCIAL VEHlCLE Yr. of Veh. Make Body style Color Vera. Type (§15210(b) VG) Evidence of Financial Responsibility or CHPIDOTIPUCJIOC D mus “mm“ Registered Owner or Lessee I] Same as Driver Address City State ZIP Code El Same as Driver Correctable Violation ((540610 VC) D Boolo'ng Required Misdemeanor or Intracfion (Circle) Yes No Code and Section Description El El M 1 Yes No [I El M | Yes No El El M I Yes No I III El M 3”“ ”pm" 5”” Location of Violation(s) Beat — El Radar Unitl‘Patrol Vehicle No. D Violations not committed in my presence, declared on information and belief. l declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Califomia the foregoing is true and correct. Executed at (place): California — —............... _._ to — Date Arresting or Citing Officer ID. No. Vacation Dates Perm Area: _ to _— Name of Arresting Officer, if different from Citing Officer ID. No. Vacation Date; WITHOUT Am GUILT, I PROMISE TO APPEAR AT THE 11|IE IAND PLACE INDICATED BELOW. X SlGNATURE WHEN: DATE: TIME: El AM a PM WHAT TO DO: WHERE: ADDRESS: PHONE NO.: El To be notified El You may arrange with the clerk to appear at a night session of the coun. Notice to Apnea Ivnn approved by the Judicial Council of California Rev. mtsseimmm __ moan FOLLOW THE tNSTRUCTIONS ON THE REVERSE El SUPERIOR COURT U JUVENELE III II llllllll Illlll X7813 lllllll U i SEE REVERSE IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY WARNING: it you fail to appear In court as you have promised, you may be arrested and punished by 6 MONTHS IN JAIL ANDIOFI A $1 ,000 FINE regardless of the disposition of the original charge (fit-0508 Veh. Code [VC] or §853.'i' Penal Code (PCB. in addition, any person who fails to appear as provided bylawmaybedeemedto haveelectedtohaveatfiai bywrittcn declaration (in abserrIia) pursuant to section 40903(a) VG upon any alleged infraction, as charged by the arrestingiciting officer. JUVENILE: if you were under age 18 at the time the citation was issued, you must appear in court with ent or uardian. COURTESY NOTICE: A courtesy notice may be mailed to the address shown on your citation indicating the required deposit of money (bail) first may be forfeited instead of your appearing in court. if you do not receive such courtesy notice. you are still required to comply iiin'th the items below by the appearance date. WHAT TO DO You are required to appear at court for a misdemeanor violation. For all violations, your court date! timelplaoe are on the front of this notice to appear. Have the citation with you when contacting the court. In all infraction cases, you must do one or more of the following for each violation: O Pay the fine (boil). 0 Appear in court. 0 Contact the violafion. 0 Correct the violation (traffic cases, when applicable). 0 Request traffic school (traffic cases, when applicable). In Request trial by written declaration (traffic cases). It you do not do one of the above actions, then a "failure to appear charge will be filed against you (Ma) VC) and your driver license may be withheld, suspended, or revoked. In some court; you may be charged an amount in addition to the bail amount and the case may be turned over to a collecfion agenw ((512141 PC). 1. It you do NOT contest the violation: 3. (Pay the hall amount) Contact the court for bail information. You will not have to appear in court. You will be convicted of the violation, and it will appear on your record at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A point count may be charged to your DMV record and your insurance may be adversely affected. b. (traffic school) You may be able to avoid the point count by completing traffic school. You must pay the baii amount. and you may have to pay other fees. After you attend traffic school, the violation will be dismissed and the point count will not be added to your DMV record. Contact the court to request traffic school. c. (Correctable violations) if the 'Yes' box is checked on the front of your ticket. die violation is correctable. Upon comedian of the violation, have a law enforcement officer or an authorized inspection,’ installation station agent sign below (§40616 VG). Registration and driver license violations may also be certified as corrected at an office of the DMV or by any clerk or deputy clerk of a court The violation will be dismissed by the court after PROOF OF CORRECTION and payment of a transaction fee are presented to the court by mail or in person by the appearance date. Violations of section 16028 V0 (automobile liability insurance) will be dismissed only upon (1) your showing or mailing to the court evidence of financial responsibility valid at the time this notice to appear was issued. and (2) your payment of a transaction fee. ' CERHFICATE OF CORRECTION (MUST BE RETURNED TO COURT] SECTIONS) SIGNATURE OF PERSON ID OR AFID AGENCY OFl CERTIFIED DATE VIOLATED CERTIFYING (ET-IRECVON LICENSE If INSPECTION STATION CLEAFIED 2. tfyoucomastthevtolatioMselectaorb): a. (Court trial) Send a certified or registered letter postmarked not later than five days prior to the appearance date, or come tcthe court by the appearance dateto request a court triat on a future date when an officer and any witnesses will be present. You will be required to submit the bail amount. -—OR— b. (Trial by written declaration (traffic cases» Send a certified or registered letter postmarked not later than five days prior to the appearance date or come to the court on or before the appearance date to request a trial by written declaration. Submit the bail amount. You will be given forms to allow you to write a statement and to submit other evidence without appmfing in court. An officer will also sume a moment. The iudidal officer will consider the evidence and dedde the case. 3. Make checldmoney order payable to Clerk of the Court. Write your chafion number and driver license number on your check or money order. You may pay in person or by mail. ...
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