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University of California, Berkeley Professor Ken Johnson Civil Engineering 70 Engineering Geology Civil Engineering 70 Lecture 15 10/16/07 CE 70 Midterm Thursday 10/25 12:30 – 2:00pm Sibley Auditorium Review Questions available on the website No cheat sheet Ground Water o Sea/saltwater intrusion o Groundwater withdrawal o Plume shape Movement o Source Area / Well Head Protection Coast o Waves o Long Shore Transport o Sand Budget o Coastal Protection San Francisco Bay Delta o Salt water margin separates the salt water of the bay from the fresh water from the delta o The state and federal water program is pumping water out of the delta The reduction in water leaving the delta results in a receding salt water margin The major issue is making sure this salt water margin doesn’t recede to much otherwise it can cause devastating ecological impacts. California Central Valley o The Sierra Nevadas used to be the old pacific coast Millions of years ago before the emergence of the cascades The Central valley was once submerged by ocean o Sediments are from saltwater marine deposits o Actually, very low into to valley is salt water If you go to deep, you’ll have salty water in your well Salt is more dense, and it settles at the bottom of the central valley sediments
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Lec15 - University of California, Berkeley Civil...

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