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Quiz 4- 04 March 2009 Name: ------,L------- Recitation Day/Time _ 1. Light travels from material a through three layers of other materials b, c and d all with parallel surfaces, as shown in the sketch below. Rank the for materials according to index ofrefraction, greatest first. (2points) h>ct eb((J~ ", b b ) C Ct)e d"fC: d>b ;::) d > b > Cj) ( 2. An object is located 5.0cm n front ofa convex mirror, which has a radius of curvature of 18.0cm, Locate and describe completely the image formed by the mirror. (3 points) P=5·0 ern f 1--/ . = :z = - II?· 0 L.I7J = / .-!.- '= .- / / - - 14- r F 1', 0 cJ t;.5
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Unformatted text preview: i = -45)" f-V, -r f 'l{ C1 / I 'fvJ Cj Cjt'. h-7 ::; .-ill' = ~/r-5//4 ~.-{-4-E UP'/?}' It. --I ifflt?)e /s /odezlecl b~h(04 '~70 ..flu m/ rrDr / c!oYJa.q 11J A'e.4 3. A small object 0 is placed irrfront of a concave mirror (M) of focal length .J 4.00cm, radius of curvature 8.0cm. Draw a ray diagram on the paper below to locate the approximate position of the image. (2.5 points) L o c Cf. I-e f <t c USe Is the image real or virtual? Upright or inverted? Enlarged or demagnified? (Circle the correct answer) (1.5 points) Use the mirror equation to calculate the image position. (1 point)...
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