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Quiz7_Physics241_S09 - -k:yQuiz 7 01 April 2009 Name-I...

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Unformatted text preview: -----k:yQuiz 7- 01 April 2009 Name: -------;-------I Recitation Day/Time 1. Yellow light of wavelength 589nm is used to illuminate a single slit of width 0.225 mm resulting in the formation of a diffraction pattern on a distant screen that is located 3.50 m away from the slit. Calculate the width of the broad diffraction peak (i.e. distance on the screen between the first diffraction minima on each side ofthe central maximum). (4 points) /'l j;' t/I fJ::= W, ~=' t;;f .1-~v !AA.,/0 _J/[j "1 L 7 ~,~_ J -== h1 L Ii =/ x.3 .~(/ .,. S.5'-'7 x /0 ::= <o:-L. ---->' --;:;;:-. >x 16 4 -I .2 .;2 ~fyv [.Ao"I tN1= -r I .f-o lA-1 :::0 fL;;'c/Il-1.-f'0n.frq...~~t:~2~x=-t:e. ~2. The distance from the earth to a rotating';'pacecraft is 3~x106km.if the Meoo is viewed from earth with a telescope having a mirror of diameter20.0cm, find the smallest separation between two objects on the surface of the moon that can be resolved by an observer on Earth, according to the rayleigh criterian(A.=550 nm)....
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