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Quiz9_Physics241_S09 - "lD/Ic-L-0-J"'J 2 A...

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------ _____-L-. Quiz 9- 22 April 2008 Name: _ Recitation Day/Time 1.. The mass of a muon is 207 times the mass of the electron, and the aveage lifetime of a muon at rest is 2.20 flS. In an accelerator experiment, muons are measured to have an average lifetime of 69.0 flS. For the moving muons, find the following: i. Lorentz factor (1 points). 11. Kinetic energy (l points). 111. Momentum (l points). IV. Distance travelled in the accelerator before decay(2 points). re::!!j =- /Ji c X ::J- 07 '/. . iii ill
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Unformatted text preview: ::::::-"lD.,/Ic-L-0'-J' "''''J. 2. A particle of mass 3m has a momentum equal to 6mc. Find the following in terms of m and/or c: 1. The speed (2 points). 11. The Lorentz factor (l points). m. The kinetic energy (1 points). IV. The total energy. (l points). c /; / 2)2 r_ = j v '1:----4-~'2 !-f-2 c: 7..-/ = L = Lo/y E =ymc 2 t.t = Yt.to y = 1/(l_~/c2)112 K = (y-1) mc 2 p=ymv E2 = (pc)2+(mc 2 i fls = lO'6s m =9.l x10'31 kg eV= 1.6xlO,I9 J e C = 3.0x10 8 m/s MeV'; 10 6 eV e = 1.6x lO'19coulomb...
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