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Katie Snediker 9-21-07 Lab write up Bio109 Observation: -A diet high in carbohydrates will increase an individual’s body fat percentage. Hypothesis: -A diet high in Carbohydrates will cause a person to gain more weight at result to a  higher body fat percentage.  Test: -Controlled- 100 Average size men ages 31-50 who eat the recommended daily  allowance of carbohydrates for 3 months. -Experiment-100 Average size men ages 31-50 who eat twice the recommended daily  allowance of carbohydrates for 3 months. Each group of 100 will be monitored to ensure they eat the correct amount of calories for  their study group. The men who are asked to eat the recommended amount will eat 7oz of  carbohydrates daily and be asked to get 20 minutes of exercise daily. Their body fat percentage 
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Unformatted text preview: will be recorded over a 3 month time period. The men asked to eat twice the recommended amount will be consuming 14oz of carbohydrates a day. Along with this, they will also be asked to get 20 minutes of daily exercise. Their body fat percentages will be recorded over a three month time period. Once the 3 months is over, the data that is collected will be used to determine if the hypothesis is true. This will be done by determining the average amount of body fat lost or gained by each of the two groups. If the overall amount of body fat gained is higher in the men who ate twice the recommended amount then it can be said that the hypothesis is true....
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