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Health professions - differences both subfields often work long hours which can be accompanied by stressful situations • Identify the

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Katie Snediker 2-6-08 HCS101 Health Care Professions Identify the work conditions and/or settings of the health care practitioners. The work conditions and settings for a Psychologist vary depending on the subfield and place of employment. Clinical, school and counseling Psychologists usually work in their own offices and more or less create their own schedules. This may often be a more calm and relaxed setting for patients and Doctors alike. School Psychologists also may divide their time between patients and research. On the other hand, professionals working in a hospital setting tend to have less structures schedules; they work in shifts and are less likely to know what they will be expecting day to day. Besides the
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Unformatted text preview: differences, both subfields often work long hours which can be accompanied by stressful situations. • Identify the qualifications and/or training requirements of the health can practitioners. To become an independent practice psychologist, a doctoral degree is often required, which is obtained by 5-7 years graduate studies. Another qualification needed in most states is a spet’s degree; this is at least 3 years of full-time graduate study. Along with this Psychologists must be licensed in the state that they practice in, the qualifications for this vary state by state....
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