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Angila Snediker-1 November 5, 2007 DBQ Fundamental freedoms have been framed, been fought over and been explained throughout United States history. The constitutional principals have done this. Controversy has surrounded each constitutional principal. Civil liberties equality and women’s rights are all examples of this. Civil liberties help to protect individual liberties from government abuses. In document one Jefferson states that freedom of press most important fundamental rights in our constitution. In the supreme court case, NY times versus US (1971) the government did not show that it had justification to obstruct the publishing of the controversial “Pentagon Papers” that involved us policy in Vietnam. Therefore the court reaffirmed the first amendment. In document two Dwight Eisenhower stated that freedom cannot be censured. This also supports the fourth principal. The meaning of Equality has had a different meaning in history than it does now. In document three Malcom X is fighting for the sixth principal, equality. He is seeking for equality
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