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Daniel Ellsberg1 - Daniel Ellsbergs speech, "A Coup Has...

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Daniel Ellsberg’s speech, “A Coup Has Occurred,” discusses the possible effects on our country if a war with Iran is not averted. Ellsberg, the man who released the Pentagon Papers in the 1960’s which led to the impeachment of President Nixon, is now an activist devoted to uncovering the ‘truth’ about government cover-ups and lies. Ellsberg and a large portion of U.S. citizens feel that our government has violated the Constitution, the document upon which it was founded. The recent increase in national surveillance by the NSA has been viewed as a reduction of the fundamental freedoms that have been offered to Americans for the past two hundred years. Daniel Ellsberg states that if there is another attack on the United States, another 9/11, our government will become a “full extent apparatus of a police state”. His notion is that unless drastic measures are taken within these next several months to dismantle the present day role that the executive branch has assumed, America will be trapped in a downward spiral towards “a total suppression of dissent.” Although I feel that Ellsberg makes a fine point in saying that a war with Iran should be evaded, I do not assume that his argument can be referred to as ‘truth.’ I do not feel that even he fully accepts his ideas as truth. At many points in his speech he lacks confidence in his opinions; there are many occurrences of the words “probably,” “I don’t think,” and “it is not certain.” Ellsberg states: “We will see an attack on Iran.
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Daniel Ellsberg1 - Daniel Ellsbergs speech, "A Coup Has...

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